UI/UX Development


UI/UX Development


Why Choose Us?

CodingBrackets gives your website a professional and responsive look ensuring quick interaction with your clients. UI/UX is an integral part of the website development service. It makes your site understandable, comfortable to use and highly engaging among users. Our UI/UX process includes User Research and Visual Designing thereby increasing the user experience of your website and ensuring your viewers stay longer on your site. We make sure that your website stands by the visitors’ expectations. You prosper only when your clients access, stay and interact with your website.

Why Choose Us?

Empowering the Best Responsive Web Designing Services to transform your Vision into Reality

CodingBrackets offers the best-in-class UI/UX services to boost the usability of your website ensuring smooth user interaction with your website leading to higher conversion rates.

  • We Understand your clients and their expectations.
  • Get 100% Accessible and Mobile Responsive Web Designs
  • Support Team that monitors the interactivity of your website 24/7

Features that We Offer

Get the Best Industry-leading UI/UX specifications that make your website look highly appealing and user-interactive.

UX Design

User Experience Design takes into account the usability of your website and the comfort feel when iterating with the content of your website. It involves Core research, Brainstorming, information engineering and user interaction to understand the needs of your end client.

UI Design

User interaction involves the final design of your website as per the structured wireframe. Our Team ensures easiness in website navigation, engaging visuals and comfortability of your websites. We help you get a website that connects seamlessly with your end user.

LandingPage Design

Our Interactive LandingPage designers ensure a jaw-dropping reaction from your end user, resulting in the user spending more time scrolling your website. We use mesmerizing colours, appealing visuals, easy navigation and friendly functionalities to engage your clients.

Fully Optimized Design

UI/UX services at CodingBrackets ensure that your website fits into different screen sizes giving your user maximum comfortability in handling your website from various devices like PCs, Chromebooks, smartphones, Tablets and more.

Steps involved in UI/UX 

We do the UI/UX of your Website following the steps given below in proper order


We conduct thorough research on the subject matter of your website and the behaviour of your targeted audience. Understanding the expectations of your end user is the grassroot level of creating the Best User experience website. 

Wireframing & Prototyping

The WireFraming process includes the preparation of a rough outline/ layout (simply consists of Lines and different shapes) of your website as per the Research and User likeness. After Wireframing, our UI/UX team turns the website outline from paper to digital.

Interactive Design (UI)

This is the last phase of UI/UX as it means the final Design of your website before testing the user experience. Mobile responsiveness and Core functionality of the website are taken into consideration when creating an Interactive Design of your website.

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